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Stop counting call minutes. International calls can be as cheap as local.
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Get €22 + Free USA Number for 1 Month
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Get €57 + Free USA Number for 3 Months
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FAQs - Calls & SMS Credits

1. Haven’t Collected Coins for a While now. Will I Be Losing them Accordingly?

If you have been collecting a good number of coins but stopped collecting for more than Two Weeks, we will exchange the worth coins of a virtual number.
2. Will Every Coin My Invited Friend Collects Be Added to My Wallet?

In case the friend that you invited to Numero has collected the coins from:
  • Checking in daily
  • Watching videos
  • Sharing on Facebook
  • Spinning the Lucky Wheel
  • Playing through the Challenge Wall
you will be rewarded with the same number of coins. However, in case your friend has bought the coins, received them from a third friend or been rewarded the coins from our support team for rating our app, you won't get a similar action.
3. I Need to Transfer My Numero Account From One Number to Another. How?

Our support will work out for you the minute we assure your identity. Contact our support via the app or email
4. Why Does Numero Ask for Your Real Number to to Verify Your Account?

Out of providing unique simplicity and flexibility, we don't ask you to verify your real number right from your entry to the app. Browse our services and see our coins center along with other features and then decide. Only then, verify your account to start using it.
    1. Indeed, the number is linked to the device. Therefore, when asking for your real number, we intend to ensure that no one else will use your number on any other Numero account by linking your verified number to the device ID. That is, in case anyone is trying to use your number from the device rather than the one used in the registration, we will ask for the verification code to protect your account.
    2. To help you regain your account with the coins, credits and numbers when you format your device or uninstall the app unintentionally.
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Exclusive for US users, enjoy getting free phone services with our new coins center.
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