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Why Should You Use Virtual Phone Numbers?

  • When your travel, don’t worry about the costs of international calls when you can receive calls for free on your virtual number, as well as make international calls with rates as cheap as local – check rates.

  • Gain your international customers' trust and be closer to them when you provide local numbers from their countries, allowing them to call you at local rates as if you were a local service.

  • Use the virtual number to register in most of the social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Signal, and more. Also, give away your virtual phone number instead of your real one when registering on online sites, shopping online, or using online dating apps for more security and privacy.

  • Display more virtual phone numbers within your profile to be recognized as an international, experienced freelancer with the ability to keep your real numbers private in order not to be bombarded with a ton of phone calls from strangers.

How to Get A Virtual Number

Select Country

from 80+ countries

Select Area

from 4000+ regions

Pick a Number

Choose a number after verifying its features


Choose plan and payment method

FAQs - Virtual Phone Numbers

1. How Can I Activate my Numero Number on WhatsApp?

Regarding activating your Numero number on WhatsApp, click here.
2. What Do I Do If I Can’t Find the Number Area That I Need?

We try our best to provide as many countries/ cities as possible, and this process might take some time. However, if you do not find the area number you are looking for at the moment, you can request it directly from the app. Go to the countries list and click on the dotted icon below. It will open a "Request eSIM" ticket,  and our team will instantly receive your request and try to provide the number for you.
3. Can I Send and Receive International SMS with All Numeo Numbers?

You need to check your number'ss features before purchasing it. Some numbers do not support receiving SMS. However, sending SMS is an option in all Numero numbers.
4. Can I Use Numero Numbers to Register in Social Media And Apps Like WhatsApp?

Yes, we provide this feature in Social Media Numbers category and some other numbers. Please make sure to check the number of features before purchasing the number. Note that SMS delivery from internet services for these numbers is not guaranteed when registering in social media and app. Therefore, it is advised to use the WhatsApp option to receive the verification codes.
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