How To Activate Private Number In Numero eSIM

How to hide your phone number while calling using Numero eSIM App?

Do you want to have the privacy that you’ve always wanted? Do you want to be anonymous and hide your identity when you make a call? How to hide your phone number when making calls? After recharging your Numero credit you can immediately use this option and be able to make a private number call to whoever you wish, with only your private number appearing on the screen of the receiving person you want to call. By using this option you don’t need to purchase a number in order to do it, so you can hide your number and also your virtual number, once you purchase it.

Follow this step by step tutorial on how to hide your phone number.

Step 1: Download Numero eSIM App

To benefit from the Private Number option and to know how to hide your phone number from the people you want, you need first to download Numero eSIM app from the Google Play Store or iTunes then sign up in the app using your real SIM number.

تفعيل الشريحة الإلكترونية عبر تطبيق نوميرو

Step 2: Make Sure you have Numero Credits

Numero eSIM Credits are extremely cheap compared to the process of the international call, where you make international calls at the price of local calls. So you can pay the same amount of money for Numero eSIM as the one you pay for your local SIM company. With Numero, you can enjoy the feature of hiding your number.

check your call credits in Numero
your credits in Numero

Step 3: Hide Your Number

Choose the “Hide My Number” feature and then call from the app to let the private number appear on the screen of the receiving person. Also, you can purchase a virtual phone number if you want to switch and toggle between your default numbers, whether it’s a new number from the app or the same number you registered with.

how to hide your phone number

select the arrow to hide the number then select hide my number option to make private number call

how to hide your phone number when using Numero

make and receive unknown private number call using Numero eSIM

Note: Please note that some telecom operators enforce their numbering plans. When you enable the private number feature in Numero eSIM, the operator might hide your number or display another number.

You are more than welcome to leave your questions and comments down there, also you can always contact our customer support system.

Video: How To Hide My Phone Number When Calling

FAQs on how to hide your phone number

A random number is shown on the receiver screen instead "Private number" message.

In some rare cases, call receiver’s providing number company disable the feature for their internal policies. However, your real number never shows on receiver phone in all cases.

How expensive Numero eSIM App credits.

NO, it cost you less than paying for credits for your local SIM company. Plus many other features.

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